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The game of the

Mecanical Apprentice

A game about kowledge, for children and adults, about learning, mecanics, and having fun !


Un projet actuellement en conception alliant une vingtaine de personnes

Sleek & Beautiful

An innovating project

Our team is continuously working to get the best results. A modern and innovating conception is the base of the project, to guarentee sucess. A futuristic project for poeple of today.

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A business of students

The project is partner of the "EPA" school program, "Entreprendre Pour Apprendre". The main goal is to make students crete their own small company, so they understand and try the world of business.

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A new way to learn

Is there any better way to learn than while habing fun ? Everybody knows this today. A game stimulates the brain, particularly for children, and makes him more receptive to information.

The Board

The first propositions for a board

Sleek & Beautiful


The board looks like mechanical gear

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Play pawns

The pawns are sticks, on which you put some gear throughout the game.

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Five themes

The centre of the board represents the five themes of mechanics : machinery, hydraulic, electricity, motorisation, transmission.

Sleek & Beautiful


Mechanical gear is the center of the design