The description in Brief

A description:

E-CONFIANCE is a research project that focuses on digital devices (websites, online sales site, prevention site, showcase site, etc.). It aims to promote the configuration of information on interfaces to improve data exchange between users by offering them the possibility of evaluating the level of confidence (security, reliability, reputation) that they can to their different interlocutors.
E-Confiance plays a leading role in the world of online communities. It is dependent and/or influenced by factors such as satisfaction, perceived reliability, adherence/fidelity, as well as reputation.
In this project, the hypothesis is that the sense of trust would be to link to the utility of an interface, but above all to its usability and design in general, the latter having the ability to significantly influence the confidence of a User to a company represented by a website.
This hypothesis is however to be explored with the idea that intra-individual and inter-individual variations can support. The idea through this project is to propose a study of these differences and to test the modalities of interfaces that will facilitate the interaction of the users with the proposed computer system.

The different stages of the project

Collaborative work:

Copie d’écran de l’environnement collaboratif : l’App The Wallet de Pikcio