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Have you felt the heat engulfing you this summer already and you can tell it is almost impossible to live without air conditioning today? The experts have warned about the drastic changes in the climate due to global warming and how more and more regions are being affected by it as time goes by. Last year recorded the highest temperatures in some countries and heat waves have now become something that more and more governments need to worry about. In such situations, surviving without the relief of coolness has become impossible and this is why you need air conditions inside your homes, offices, cars and everywhere else you can get.

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As with any writing assignment, it's important to remember that your topic will have a limit to how much detail you can fit into it.

It is also used by paper helpers to connect their audience to the character in a novel. In a political speech, pathos can be used to call for change. For instance, in a speech on climate injustice, pathos could be used to call for an indignant anger.


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