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How to Counter Picking in DotA 2?
Being a Dota player myself I feel that I've been through every possible strategy and I've always had trouble with counters. The only strategy I seem to have success with is rushing early to the creeps, then spamming the other creeps as much as you can with your spells and items. This seems to work for some players, but it's not really the way to go. So how do I counter mmr boost?
The best way to counter picking in Dota 2 is pretty simple. You just have to play safe. Early game farming creeps is a lot easier than farming creeps later on. If you're going to be getting farm then you should start with the creeps that produce the most value, the creeps that are the most valuable to you - and that's going to be early game. Get these first and you'll be fine.
If you're going to be farming late game then you need to get a little bit more greedy. When you're farming creeps try to position yourself so that you can easily control the creeps as they come out. If they all come out at once, you'll be hard pressed to stop them all. Get them all together, surround them with your creeps and then just spam their names as they come dota 2 boost.
So how do you counter this? Well, your main strategy is going to be pushing the lane with your support. When you're pushing the lane just make sure that you're using your spells on the creeps. Just let the creeps get free without you having to worry about anything else. As soon as they reach levels 2 or when they're about to turn around you're going to be ready for a kill.
How to counter this? The most effective way to play against this kind of tactic is to either slow the creep before it gets to turn around or kill it right away once it's in the air. Either way you're going to be a step ahead of everyone else. Positioning is very important because the creeps will be able to see you and if they have vision on you they're going to be very cautious. This is why it's so important to buy aegirs early on - you can just buy your creeps and force them to fight for you!
What if I'm not that good at anti-counter picking? Don't worry, there are some other methods that you can use to be a little bit safer. For instance you can just use the courier and send them on a scout. Courier scouting is very effective but you can still use your own abilities to help with cheap dota 2 boosting.
When you're playing against a really good defender, you should try to make him go to the bottom. This is a lot harder than it seems. If he goes to the bottom, you can just pressure him and keep on pressuring him. If you're not careful, you might get punished by the other team - so be sure to read the other players in the game as well!
There are several ways you can approach this question of how to counter picking in DotA. The answer is pretty simple: practice. The more you play and learn, the better you'll become at reacting to different situations. It's also worth taking a look at the other sections of this DotA guide to find out more about the other types of counters that you can use.
Some of the popular methods include using wards and the other items that can distract your opponents. wards can be placed to ward off some of your carries or to create more space for you. Anti-Carry items are useful too - they'll make it harder for the carry to get into the safe position that you want to take him/her to. There are lots of different strategies for counter-acts but the one that works best for me is to use a combination of wards, anti-carry items and anti-taunt dota 2 boosting.
If you're a good player you won't have any trouble getting caught out by someone who knows exactly what you're doing. I'm talking about people who know exactly when to stop picking and start focusing on their real goals. If you don't move around enough, you'll soon start to get counterpicked and start losing games.
If you're new to the game then you'll probably be a little tense while playing. It's hard knowing where to place your creeps so you're not getting picked on and just what to do when you're being countered. If this sounds like you then you might want to consider buying some anti-counter picking items. Buying these can stop you from getting picked on and can make the game a lot easier to play. Good luck!
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