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How to Win a Ranked Game in Dota 2
If you're like most players who are leveling up and trying to learn how to play the game, then you probably know the answer to this question: how to win a ranked game in Dota 2? Although it is not very easy to climb the ladders as you progress, but if you have the right gears, then it won't be long until you will surely reach the top. The first gear we'll be discussing is farming. Farming is one of the most common strategies used by players when they try to learn how to play the game.
What is farming? It is the process of collecting creeps and using their items to level up. When you have all the required items for a task, you'll then use them to kill as many creeps as possible. You can then collect the creeps' items which will help you progress to the next level mmr booster dota 2.
How to do it exactly? When you see the creeps come out from the fog, immediately use your creep detector and mark them. When they are about to expire, place a vision potion on them and place the cursor over it so that you'll easily find them later. You can also use your courier to go back to the top or bottom once the creeps come out. Also, don't forget to place your wards near the creeps once they start spawning. These things will help you track where the enemy jungler dota 2 boosting.
Knowing the basics on how to win over a ranked game in Dota 2 is not difficult at all if you follow these simple tips. Always remember that farming is an essential strategy to win any game. The creeps you are collecting should be worth more than 10 dollars each. That means that you'll only collect creeps that are higher than that amount. You should also collect creeps that are not weak.
In this game, you have the courier. Whenever you see an item drop from the sky, immediately use the courier to pick it up. If you see an item that your courier can pickup, you should place the cursor on it and then use your courier to carry it. This will make the courier pick up the item and return it to dota 2 mmr boost.
The most important thing about playing in the ranked game is knowing when to engage and when to back off. You can use your courier to get an early level in the game so that you can use it to scout for high ground and the best locations to fight. When you see that your opponents are pushing their towers too hard, immediately back off and take the creeps' lowest HP. You'll notice that you won't be able to harass the other players too much while you farm.
Make sure that you place the creep tumors on the lower levels of the map where the enemy's creeps can't see them. Also, do not place them where the enemy can easily see them. Make them as hidden as possible. One of the most used tips in the game is to place the tumors on the bottom and middle of the screen where the players can't see them but the opponents can. This way, they'll be forced to come to you instead of chasing after the mmr boost.
Knowing how to win over a ranked game in Dota 2 is very easy once you know the basics. Always prioritize winning over doing anything else in the game. If you place a tower too close to your creeps, you'll only slow down your farm. Learn to control your creeps and see which position you should take at certain points in the game. These tips should help you improve your game in record speed.
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