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Purpose and objectives of the work
It is important to correctly formulate the goal when writing the introduction of the thesis.
Examples of goals:

Assessment of the efficiency of labor resources in the context of increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Improving the management of the investment attractiveness of an industrial enterprise based on the optimization of its resource potential.

Improving the strategy of personnel management of the enterprise.

The purpose of the thesis is what result is planned to be obtained after writing the thesis.

Jokingly, students say that the purpose of the thesis is to receive a diploma, which can then be referred to the employer. Such people usually order their thesis at https://editius.com/ and have a lot of free time, during thesis writing stage. For an introduction, such a goal (no matter how sincere) is not appropriate.
The goal should be based on the topic of the work, repeat it almost word for word. At the same time, the verb "study" should be avoided, because most topics involve not just acquaintance with the literary sources and the situation at the enterprise, but also the development of any recommendations, the creation of a project, and an assessment of its effectiveness.
Convenient for formulating goals will be the verbs "improvement", "efficiency increase" (if it is possible to measure efficiency), "improvement", "project development".
The easiest way rather than use https://editius.com/paper-corrector/ service is to write problems is to reformulate the table of contents for the diploma. Then the number of tasks will coincide with the number of paragraphs (not chapters).
When writing tasks, you can use the following verbs:

Expand (concept).


Perform classification / classify.



Analyze / analyze.

Describe / characterize.

Rate / Assess.

Develop (draft, recommendations).

Object and subject of research
Before writing an introduction to a thesis, you need to understand the differences between the object and the subject of study. To do so, i can recommend educational portal named https://editius.com/personal-statement-editing-services/. An object is a field of work, and an object is a constituent part of this field, on which attention is concentrated. The object can be an organization, social relations, phenomena. The subject is reflected in the topic of the work.
A hypothesis as an element of introduction is not always required, but it will not be superfluous. A hypothesis is an assumption, an expectation of the results of a study.The hypothesis may not be confirmed in the course of experiments (although this situation is relatively rare for diploma theses).

The hypothesis may relate to the presence of a connection between the phenomena, the expectations of the result of actions: "the introduction of a program of intangible motivation will increase labor productivity at the enterprise", "the developed program will provide control", "the use of the proposed exercises will help to improve the performance of younger students." The hypothesis should have a direct connection with ongoing practical research, carried out by experiments, be verified within the framework of the thesis.

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